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Life at River Haven

We are a growing group of people devoted to living close to the earth and in community with each other. Our Common House is a 3-story monolithic dome with scenic overlooks of the Hay River valley. It provides transitional housing for members as they build their homes and a haven for our gatherings and meals.

We rejoice in the beauty of our land. River Haven has rolling hills covered by oak, pine, maple, and re-emerging prairie. Eagles, otter, deer, beaver, and wild turkey are a few of the animals abundant on the land.

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Eco-Village and Tubing Society

River Haven is a new and exciting form of human settlement that is in harmony with nature. Yes, we have a 22-lot housing development. In fact, we may eventually have two housing developments. But that is where the comparison to housing developments, as we know them, ends. Let us explain ….. Part of River Haven's mission is to preserve a significant piece of land in its natural state. And we have land. Almost 200 of our 250 acres is being maintained as a nature preserve, to provide a safe haven for our indigenous wild animals (coyotes, bald eagle, red fox, deer, pleated woodpecker, sandpiper cranes, bear, etc.) and for our many tree, plant and insect species. We promise that our dragonflies will be among the most beautiful you will ever see! Our land is at the crossover point of two forest zones--the northern hardwood and the southern oak--so we have a wide diversity of flora and fauna. And then there's our river. We have 1 1/2 miles of Hay River frontage, with wild floodplai

Who Are We?

We are an   intentional community committed to living cooperatively. We have memberships available for residential living, recreational use, cabins, and camping. We share strong beliefs about ecology and personal growth. We strive for integration of humanity and divinity. Our commonality lies in our reverence and interdependence with nature. We are actively seeking to help save the present world from social and ecological ruin